I am a HOT MESS, real ass mama of three kids, living her best life owning a farm in Oregon.

I will probably talk your ear off, and I’m not sorry. I want to get to know your story!


let's do this!

Hi !!

but I'm called Chelle more often than anything else.

 I'm here to make your dream day rock.

One of my friends and I have for years dreamt of living on the same property — sharing a garden, animals (We have about 23 chickens, 8 goats, 2 piggies, 2 outdoor kitties, 2 dogs & the fattest indoor cat ever… no for real, 23lb Gus), a play area for our kids, someone to watch your kids when you need a break, or pitch in meals for both families. Dream life!
it’s everything I had hoped it would be and more!
But it is hard sometimes, especially while running a business and guiding three children of my own through life.
But what I hope to be an example of by living with my friend, is that we shouldn’t have to do the hard stuff alone!
There is a LOT of chaos at times, and for sure there is never a dull moment, but with that also comes this awesome community of support and love. And there's always, always fondue. 

I’ve struggled
on my own, and learned what I am fully capable of. 

1. Sunshine & oceans

2. fish tacos & coffee

3. having some freaking fun!!

my love languages

My goal is less about achieving a pretty pose, and more about capturing the interactions and the love between you and your gang, while at the same time creating beautiful images that will transport you right back to that day.

I want you to be excited, have fun, and leave happy!

I welcome the chaos

Let’s see what you’ve got!

I want you to look back and remember whatever time in life you were in at that moment.

When I’m not working I am probably…

  • Overthinking conversations I need to have or have had
  • Watching my plants slowly die 
  • Getting distracted with just about everything or forgetting something
  • Starting a new project without finishing my last
  • Making a snack then remembering I was supposed to be intermittent fasting
  • Reminding my kids to put their laundry away while a pile of my own sits on my bed  
  • Pouring myself another cup of coffee that I will absolutely forget to drink 
  • Making vacation plans while I'm forgetting to pay a bill
  • Driving around with bags of Target returns for weeks 
  • Dancing in the grocery store while my children slowly back away from their embarrassing mom 
  • Telling my friends that we should get together soon but never actually making plans
  • Making lists of all the things that I should do and won't get around to 
  • Using organic oils in my home + on my skin while also having no shame in loving coffee creamer or Taco Bell 
  • Meal planning & then being annoyed there's only ingredients in my fridge 
  • Dreaming about an animal that I want while getting annoyed with the ones I have and love

This or that: Chelle Edition

 Dogs > Cats 
Barely though. I love the low maintenance of cats!

 Travel > Big house 
Have you heard about my home?

Country > City 
No contest!

 Cold brew > Hot coffee 
Welllllll… unless it’s morning.

Flights > Road trips 
Just get me to the destination!!

 Sunset > Sunrise 
No morning person here, nope!

 Summer > Winter 
This one is the easiest, LOL!

Lake > Ocean 
 But only if we’re talking Oregon coast. Take me to the Keys!!

I couldn't be happier with Michelle's work on our wedding! The photos are gorgeous, but beyond that, she was incredibly professional and discreet during the festivities.

- Lauren B.

She is so pleasant to work with and makes each session fun! She’s especially great with kids and somehow manages to take all the best shots even when they’re not cooperating. We’ll definitely use her for all of our photography needs!

- Julie M. 

Michelle is one of those crazy talented artists that can take any situation and find the beauty in it. She has been our family’s go-to photographer for years.

- Rachel J.

It was such a fun time working with Michelle! She encouraged our family to be silly and playful, which made the experience so much more relaxing and fun!

- Ginger V. 

I was looking for fun & unique family pictures… I wanted a bit of magic! My pictures turned out better than I could have ever imagined. 

- Jessica S.

Michelle’s photos are magical. I choose her time after time, as she has such a unique eye for her subjects. Be it humans, animals, or objects, she has a gift with capturing the moment.

- Aleisha R.