Hi friend!
I'm Michelle

I am a HOT MESS, a real nerdy mama figuring life out with me and my three kids. I am NOT that mom who has it all together. Not by a long shot! You won't find a perfectly clean & curated house (thrift style for meeee please!) or the adorably aesthetic outfits (comfy Aerie lounge wear above all else thanks!) but what I WILL offer you is ME - awkward, silly & authentic.  

I want to get to know you, I want you to feel like you can just let your guard down, not worry about everything, just relax and just be you because you’re  with someone who you can chill out with and that you can feel cares.

I'm a mom to 3 & between the four of us we have a very neurodivergent household - I understand the stress of things not going the way you expected.. I really want you to let go of the worry of kids behaving and everything going perfectly & embrace the story of your family whether it means holding and snuggling or running around with all the wiggles and know that you're not stressing me out! Let's just go with the flow! I so genuinely want you to have images that make you go OMG THAT IS SOOOO US! 

I'm more than
just your photographer...

let's do this!

but I'm called Chelle more often than anything else.


1. Sunshine & warm oceans

2. fish tacos & coffee

3. cozy clothes & canceled plans

my love languages

My goal is less about achieving a pretty POSE, and more about capturing your real INTERACTIONS and the LOVE between you and your crew...while at the same time creating beautiful images that will transport you right back to how you all feel when you're together! 

I want you to be excited, have fun, and leave happy! 

chaos? Bring it on!

Let’s see what you’ve got!

I want you to look back and remember whatever time in life you were in at that moment.

When I’m not working I am probably…

  • Overthinking conversations I need to have or have had
  • Watching my plants slowly die 
  • Getting distracted with just about everything or forgetting something
  • Starting a new project without finishing my last
  • Making a snack then remembering I was supposed to be intermittent fasting
  • Reminding my kids to put their laundry away while a pile of my own sits on my bed  
  • Pouring myself another cup of coffee that I will absolutely forget to drink 
  • Making vacation plans while I'm forgetting to pay a bill
  • Driving around with bags of Target returns or thrift store donations for weeks 
  • Dancing in the grocery store while my children slowly back away from their embarrassing mom 
  • Telling my friends that we should get together soon but never actually making plans
  • Making lists of all the things that I should do and won't get around to 
  • Using organic oils in my home + on my skin while also having no shame in loving coffee creamer or Taco Bell 
  • Meal planning & then being annoyed there's only ingredients in my fridge 
  • Dreaming about an animal that I want while getting annoyed with the ones I have and love

This or that: Chelle Edition

 Dogs > Cats 

 Travel > Big house 

Country > City - No contest!

Coffee > tea

Flights > Road trips 
unless you're willing to drive and then I will happily be a passenger princess

Sunset > Sunrise 
No morning person here!

 Summer > Winter 
I love a good snow day but this is oregon & winter usually means Gray & rain!

Lake > Ocean ...But only if we’re talking Oregon coast. Take me back to the Keys!!

Thrifting > Target (come at meeee!)

Cozy night in > wild night out

Michelle is an exceptional artist with a gift for highlighting the unique beauty in all of us. It is almost like an expression of her deeply kind personality, that sees good in everyone she meets. She has been my go-to photographer for personal and professional photos for decades! I know with her the product will be incredible and the process will be relaxing and fun. I have recommended her to so many people, and seen her amazing senior photos, newborn stills, family pics, head shots and more. I couldn't be more grateful to Michelle!

- Rachel  J.

She is so pleasant to work with and makes each session fun! She’s especially great with kids and somehow manages to take all the best shots even when they’re not cooperating. We’ll definitely use her for all of our photography needs!

- Julie M. 

Michelle is one of those crazy talented artists that can take any situation and find the beauty in it. She has been our family’s go-to photographer for years.

- Rachel

It was such a fun time working with Michelle! She encouraged our family to be silly and playful, which made the experience so much more relaxing and fun!

- Ginger 

I did a Boudoir shoot with Michelle and I cannot stress enough how much FUN I had. She picked an excellent location for us and I felt so empowered and comfortable the entire duration of our shoot. She also maintained proper communication before and after the shoot as well, which I really appreciated. It was honestly like I was with a dear friend throughout the session because I couldn't stop smiling. She has an acute attention for detail and is very patient. I can't reccomend her enough. If I could give her 7 stars, I would. Will definately be designating her as my forever photographer.

- Kat

I was looking for fun & unique family pictures… I wanted a bit of magic! My pictures turned out better than I could have ever imagined. 

- Jessica  S.

Michelle’s photos are magical. I choose her time after time, as she has such a unique eye for her subjects. Be it humans, animals, or objects, she has a gift with capturing the moment.

- Aleisha  R. 

We looovvee Michelle 💕 She photographed our wedding as well as an outdoor session at Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge. Our pictures came out amazing, we still can’t decide which one to have printed out large because we love so many of them! Michelle is great with guests and family, keeps it light and fun so everyone stayed engaged and happy. She’s great at helping people like me (who don’t know what to do with their face or body 😂) by giving amazing direction and laughing along with the bloopers. Can’t speak highly enough of her, she’s just an amazing photographer and a super sweet and funny person! 10 out of 10 would hire again for any photo sessions we do in the future!

- Danielle  P.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful my experience with Michelle was! I had a very random vision, and she brought it to life and I had so much fun the ENTIRE shoot. She made me feel so comfortable and good about myself - and the photos turned out AMAZING!!

- Rachel  F.